Areas of Focus

| Areas of Focus

We develop strategies for each of our Transactional Advisory services around two focal points: Preliminary Assessments and Transaction Management.

» Preliminary Assessments

We believe that the success or failure of a transaction can be measured by the adequacy of preparation leading up to execution, which is why we have developed a methodical Four-Corners Approach that guides our preliminary assessments and includes the preparation of extensive due diligence reports and operational assessments. Using this approach, our team is able to evaluate internal and external opportunities and risk factors, analyzing their presence, concentration, and influence both before and after the transaction. With licensed attorneys, our team will examine the legal and regulatory environment of a transaction, accounting for administrative and application approval processes, personnel transition, and potential unintended economic and anticompetitive consequences which could sideline or delay implementation.

Using a bottoms-up methodology, we formulate preliminary strategies that result from intimate and ongoing collaboration with clients, and by synthesizing our assessments of the transactional environment, we are able to develop a proposed strategy that is transparent, thorough, and specific.

» Transaction Management

Our professionals provide comprehensive contract and transaction management services designed to support clients from board resolution through performance execution. To do this, we employ a Triple-Tiered Approach that provides clients with lead services, support services, and remediation services in order to streamline implementation, centralize communication, and mitigate potential risks and liabilities.

Under this approach, we can quarterback expansion and combination efforts, coordinate with outside advisors, and prepare regulatory, operating, and execution documents. Detailing transaction structures, leading negotiations, executing on closing, and providing multi-level review of proposed contracts are just a few ways we have used our technical expertise for the benefit of our clients.

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