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We hope you can find the answer to all of your questions on this website. In that spirit, we have provided answers to some of our most frequently asked questions below. However, we understand that you may have additional questions not answered here. If we have not answered your question, please e-mail us or visit our contact us page to submit your question directly.

» Are you a law firm or a consulting firm?

We believe that most business decisions have legal implications, which is why we focus on strategy, proposing business solutions that are informed by legal consequences. As a result, some of our services may involve giving you legal advice, giving you business advice, giving you business advice that is influenced by legal concerns, or proposing a strategy that requires the services of a licensed attorney. Whenever possible, legal services will be distinguished from consulting services and will always be performed by licensed attorneys.


» My business is small. We have a specific need and a limited budget. Can you assist us?

Absolutely. We know there are times when legal questions arise and a simple answer, rather than a comprehensive strategy, is all that is needed. Limited or “unbundled” legal services are often appropriate for small, emerging organizations. We offer individual service plans, pre-packaged plans, and general retainer plans, like those mentioned here: Limited Services. Each of these service arrangements is crafted for accessibility and affordability to ensure your organization pays only for what it needs.


» We have a trusted business attorney with whom we have worked for years. We don’t need your services, right?

Not necessarily. Consider that many business attorneys are attorneys who cater to business clients. Because they are not business professionals, these attorneys often view legal considerations as independent from business considerations, focusing solely on the legal aspect of a particular issue or transaction. The consequence of this approach is that the legal services are not conducive to changes in the business strategy. We view business and legal strategy as necessary complements and craft our solutions accordingly, avoiding this one-size-fits-all approach.

Highly effective business attorneys recognize that their legal advice must be flexible and informed by business considerations. These types of business attorneys often work together with outside advisors who specialize in non-legal aspects, such as accountants and management consultants. If your business attorney uses this team-based approach, we can work together with your advisor to provide a seamless integration of legal and business strategy. And because we use a value-based approach, we can do this effectively, without duplicating resources.


» When would my organization need your services?

If you’re looking to enter a transaction, such as raising capital or acquiring property, call us. We can prepare, negotiate, and structure a transactional strategy that complements your operational needs, while also ensuring that any compliance expectations are satisfied. We offer a variety services, including, Limited Services and Transactional Services and Compliance Services.


» Can you give me a specific example of your Cross-Functional Approach? When could my organization benefit from your services?

Absolutely. Consider an organization that intends to raise capital from private investors. In determining whether to make a capital investment, prospective investors will be influenced by several factors, including your business plan, operational outlook, and vested equity interest in the company, to name a few. Your choice of entity structure (e.g., LLC or C-Corporation) and state of incorporation are additional factors that may influence an investment decision and the particular terms of a given investment, including whether or not the company founders retain intellectual property rights, for instance.

In these transactions, we can prepare a strategy that maximizes your bargaining position, protects the interest of your founders, and positions your company for future financing rounds. Moving forward, we can also prepare investment documents, negotiate investment terms, and ensure compliance with state and federal securities laws.


» What exactly do you mean by a “Value-Based” strategy?

A value-based strategy is an output-based approach to structuring fees that is characterized by two factors. First, you will always know how much our work will cost before we do it. Second, the price you pay will reflect value you receive, not the time we invest.


» Do you bill by the hour?

We believe that flexibility in billing is often necessary. As a result, we use a cost structure that best fits your particular situation, including fixed cost pricing, retainer and service packages, and in some cases, hourly billing. In every instance, we attempt to price our services up front and tell you exactly how much our work will cost. We approach transparency in three ways:

    Individual Service Plans: These plans are for organizations that know exactly what they need. Our menu of services is simple and easy to understand. We price our services at a low, fixed cost, just as if you were out to dinner.
    Bundled Packages: These packages are for organizations that need more than one service, but demand a reasonable, fixed cost. Our bundled packages are broadly tailored to your organization and include preferred pricing on most other services. We offer a startup package for entrepreneurs and a nonprofit package for all not-for-profit organizations.
    Corporate Counsel Plans: Our corporate counsel plans are for organizations with a variety of ongoing needs. These full-service packages are customized for your organization and offered at a reasonable, monthly rate.

    Contact us to discuss your goals, and we can develop a solution that fits your budget and exceeds your expectations.

» Please Help. My Lawyer Bills Me By the Hour.

Our condolences. We believe you will find the Lawyer Clock to be a helpful tool.


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