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We offer individual service plans, pre-packaged service plans, and general retainer plans. Each of these service arrangements is crafted for accessibility and affordability to ensure your business pays only for what it needs.

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» Have a Legal or Operational Question?

The law creates rights and obligations.  It also creates liability.  Fortunately, protecting yourself, and also your business, from liability is possible.  Sometimes this liability is easy to identify, but more often, this liability can only be contemplated.  Your business model and your operational decisions, for instance, each influence both the existence and the extent of future liability.  Other times, though, liability is less of a concern, while maximizing your rights, and ultimately your profit, is the paramount consideration.

As with any decision, planning and research is necessary. After all, successful businesses don’t happen by chance. If you have a question, give us a call or send us an email.  Our team of corporate law attorneys and business professionals will answer your questions, clarify your concerns, and provide you with a step-by-step guide to protect yourself and maximize your rights.

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» Need a Legal Opinion? Need a Contract or Document Reviewed?

Sometimes complete legal services are unnecessary.  For instance, you may already have a contract or a document prepared, and just want to be certain your rights will be protected and your expectations upheld.  Maybe you are in negotiations with a supplier or a dealer when you received a contract from that party’s attorney.  Rather than hiring a lawyer to draft, review, and negotiate that contract, and then also re-draft, review, and re-negotiate that same contract, we can provide you with a simple document review and assessment service.  We’ll review the contract, tell you what terms are common in the industry, inform you of possible pitfalls and complications, tell you whether a contract makes outrageous demands, ensure compliance with federal, state, and local laws, and even identify whether you have a superior bargaining position.  Before you sign, let us give you peace of mind.

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» Need a Contract or Document Prepared?

Quite simply, a contract is a legally enforceable promise or set of promises.  Though they come in all shapes and sizes, the essence of a contract is really quite fundamental.  However, that’s the only thing simple about contracts.  For instance, while some contracts must be in writing to be enforceable, many do not.  Incidentally, even contracts that are in writing may not be enforceable when challenged, though contracts that are not in writing will be enforceable.  Furthermore, all contracts are subject to interpretation, meaning that even if the contract is enforceable, a court or judge may not enforce the contract as you intended.

Because contracts govern nearly every business relationship, it is important to know what type of contract your company needs.  However, it is even more important to be sure your contract – whether in writing or otherwise – is not just enforceable, but is also enforceable according to the terms you specify.  Our resource network and team of business law attorneys, strategy consultants, and professional advisors can prepare your contract or review your existing one, including:

    » Non-Disclosure & Confidentiality Agreements
    » Promissory Notes
    » Trust Agreements
    » Operating Agreements
    » Governance Policies, including Conflicts of Interest Policies

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» Conducting Business Negotiations? Have a Business Dispute?

In business, it is nearly impossible to avoid complex negotiations or disputes.  Ideally, an effective negotiation strategy will avoid, or limit, subsequent disputes.  Unfortunately, even the Great Thinkers recognized the futility in idealism, which is why we must also recognize that disputes will arise no matter how strategic the negotiations were.  Fortunately, though, the more effective your negotiation strategy, the less severe your dispute will likely be.  For that reason, we value a proactive strategy that aims to prevent disputes, litigation, and harmful consequences.  Having an attorney represent your interests will often have the effect of hastening negotiations and resolving disputes.  Contact us, and our team can represent your small business or nonprofit organization in negotiations; we can prepare demand letters, negotiate with opposing counsel, or even facilitate mediation as an alternative to costly litigation.

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» Starting a New Business?

Whether you’re starting the next Google, launching a new mobile App, mowing lawns, or selling your own jewelry, creating a business entity is the simple first step to limiting your personal liability and maximizing your tax benefits. In most states, a new business can operate pursuant to one of several legal structures.  If choosing a structure seems complicated, contact us, and our team can help you incorporate, select an entity, and choose the best structure for your business. We’ll take care of the paperwork while you run your business.  If you prefer, we can even review the paperwork you prepared or give you simple strategies to maximize your company’s potential.

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» Starting a Nonprofit Organization?

Let’s be honest, starting a non-profit organization is complicated.  Unlike for-profit organizations, nonprofit organizations are subject to unique state and federal requirements.  Should you choose a nonprofit corporation, a nonprofit limited liability company, or a low profit limited liability company?  What about tax exemption under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code?  Let us help ensure that all requirements are satisfied so that your non-profit organization can focus on its mission.  While nobody likes surprises, in the non-profit world, surprises can be especially detrimental.

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» Need Funding? Raising Capital?

To business, capital is the lifeblood that facilitates growth and maximizes profit potential, and to many small businesses and start up companies, attracting capital is about as challenging as beating Bobby Fischer in a chess game.  Know that bank loans are not the only source of capital available to middle market companies and early-stage businesses. Our team of lawyers and consultants and advisors can help identify whether a bank loan is appropriate for your business (while also negotiating interest rates on your behalf).  However, we can also assess whether your business qualifies for grants, other public or private funding, or whether your business is positioned to solicit capital from private investors.  Through our experience working with small businesses, we know what bankers and investors prefer and what they demand when extending a loan or investing capital.  Our team of experienced business professionals can help your company prepare a business plan, develop an existing plan, perform market or industry research, or even assess financial projections to maximize your chances at securing a loan or investment.

Nevertheless, if your business is searching for funds or looking to raise capital from families and friends, from angel investors, from venture capitalists or private equity investors, our team understands that the process is delicate and complex.  Our experience confirms that if not done properly, your company could face securities law or financial fraud liability. Whether your start-up needs a few thousand dollars in seed capital to build a prototype product or needs a few hundred thousand dollars in early-stage funding to begin producing, marketing, and distributing that product, having a thorough business plan and investor presentation is critical.  Ensuring that you retain control of your company – and not your investor – is equally important.  Our team of experienced advisors and corporate law attorneys can negotiate on your behalf.  We can help with both legal compliance obligations and also operational strategies to maximize your investment, while also protecting your interest.  Attracting capital and outside funding is complex. We can help.

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Whenever possible, legal services will be distinguished from consulting services and will always be performed by licensed attorneys.

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