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We focus on comprehensive organizational and legal compliance by outlining a client’s business operations and examining institutional building blocks to develop a tailored execution strategy. This approach is outcome-defined and process-driven, meaning we focus on the strategy of building and maintaining compliance, rather than solely on the initial act of establishing a compliance framework.

It is our experience that a strong compliance strategy is the bedrock of institutional sustainability. As a result, our team is particularly sensitive to the need for establishing a process that delivers consistency, accountability, and continuity. We have broad experience developing compliance strategies and we have prepared them for public charities, heavily regulated businesses, and government-affiliated organizations.

    Areas of Focus

    » Internal Governance and Organizational Compliance
    » Regulatory and Administrative Compliance
    » Process Auditing for Sustainable Compliance

    Service Listing

    » Corporate Governance and Internal Controls
    » Board Organization, Committees, Minutes and Resolutions
    » Director Independence and Affiliate Transactions
    » Compensation Planning and Structuring
    » Legal and Regulatory Compliance Audits
    » Compliance Programs, Conflicts of Interest, and Employment Policies
    » Nonprofit Organizations and Tax-Exemption

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