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Alliteration refers to the repetition of a particular sound in the first syllables in a series of words and/or phrases. In the case of this blog, the last three words of the title – LinkedIn, Lawyer, Laurentum – describe alliteration. When you read this title I doubt the first thing that came to your mind was the word alliteration. Just like the last thing that comes to mind when starting a new business venture is the word “Lawyer.” Yet in the scheme of things, the lawyer, is just as important as the social media tools that you will utilize in your business model.

For the entrepreneurs in this world, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are fast becoming the foundation of marketing your product, process, service and yourself. In fact, for many companies, these social technologies are the only way they interact with their customers and suppliers. And when you add YouTube to the mix you can have the world at your command. But – and there is always a but – you need to have someone who can show you how to incorporate these tools into your business plan and make them work for you effectively … and legally.

Unlike other firms, Laurentum Group’s primary goal is to first assist you with your business model and ensure the data you have used to complete your business plan is accurate and realistic. All too often a lot of energy, money and time is put into a new venture prematurely. We help you develop a “true to life” business model that doesn’t rely on your emotional fervor. In essence we tell you what you need to know — not what you want to hear. There is a difference. And that difference is Laurentum.

Our experience in business development transcends the use of social technology. It combines and couples the legal acumen of best business practices with dealing with “hard” contacts in the area of venture capital along with local, national and international businesses. It’s the complete package to complete your business plan and put it into action.

While Laurentum Group may be a young firm, our team has a history working with a variety of business ventures, from entrepreneurs and start-up operations to fully integrated national corporations — and everything in between. We are strategic thinkers, with a tactical approach that leads to proper and successful execution of the process.

If your goal is to find someone who can truly help you with your business, in every aspect, then Laurentum Group is your link to leveraging your assets effectively, legally, and operationally (some more alliteration).

Still have a Shakespearian-affinity towards lawyers, here’s 10 reasons why entrepreneurs hate lawyers – we get the message!

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Special thanks to Don Musilli for preparing this post.

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